Friday, December 28, 2012

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

  Hey Everyone! I Hope you had a wonderful holiday! This Christmas, I got a Zoku Quick Pop Maker.
Zoku Single Pop Maker, Blue

My mom purchased it at Williams Sonoma. The kit comes with three sticks, the freezer thing with special refrigerating juice inside it, drip guards, and a tool to remove the pops with. I have a single, but I think that you can get one and make two or three pops at a time.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
To make a pop, you freeze the main piece for around 24 hours, then you put a stick in the top and pour in any type of juice. There is also a cookbook you can buy at Williams Sonoma. The pops freeze in around 10 minutes, but I put my pop in the refrigerator to speed it up. I made it with strawberry jello juice, and it turned out great! It wasn't all melty and disgusting, and it actually looked pretty nice! Overall, I give it 5 stars! I was very happy with the way my pop turned out!

**Pictures used are from Williams Sonoma

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