Saturday, July 28, 2012


So yesterday, my mom and I went out and rented this:

I'm trying to figure it out, I know e minor, and that's about it, but it's fun.


  1. Hello Fuzz, I think having a guitar is a pretty great thing. I own one, took lessons many years ago and now the guitar just sits in the closet. Sigh. I had to buy an automatic tuner because me ear couldn't tell if I was in tune or not. But it was so much fun learning all kinds of songs and then playing with other people.
    I think it is very cool that you know how to blog. Good luck with this one. I like the origami bag.
    PS Yesterday was my birthday. I went to the county fair to celebrate. (It was a very SMALL fair. There were only 2 midway rides.) There were lots of horses and cattle and goats and sheep though.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!I'm going to take guitar lessons, so i'm really excited about that!